#StandingOut with Mona Gale and Katrina Padron

February 28, 2018

Many ailments are merely vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can be healed with supplements and natural fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins. The foundation of our health and losing weight requires roughage to cleanse our insides to glow on the outside.


As a teenager, Mona Gale developed a combination of nutritional grains for a granola cereal for myself, then took it to the biggest grocery store in the south. She is the founder of natural cereal, Mona's Granola, since 1981. Selling in the Publix grocery chain in the southeast, Walmart.com, amazon.com and on the website, www.MonasInc.com. Mona published two nutrition books to explain how easy it is to be super healthy: on amazon.com, The Simple Truth, and on iBooks, Your Perfect Body.


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