#StandingOut with Jonathon Barbato and Katrina Padron

March 21, 2018

Jonathon is the heart of On Purpose. Partially because he created the company and mostly because he cares. His depth of experience is your secret to avoiding mistakes others have made and his powerful relationships put you in good company to succeed. With his authentic, transparent approach Jonathon strives to deliver efficiency and enjoyment all at the same time.


Head of Marketing at MGM; Head of marketing at STARZ Movie Channel; Founder of OnDemand networks (Ripe, Octane, Flow); Launched OTT networks (EDGE, Outdoor Channel/MOTV, Tubi TV); Sent over 250 million people to various videos; Raised over $50 million; Generated over $20 million in revenue; Executive at Sony, Warner, Fox, others; Consulted for over 20 networks, including A&E, Lifetime, Tubi TV, Outdoor Channel, Havoc, Fuel, G4, E!, Hollywood Life, and many, many more.

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